Parents’ residence and presence in yangon

Students may not enroll in The Khayay International School unless one parent or an officially appointed guardian is in full-time residence in Yangon.

If, during the school year, both parents plan to leave Yangon while the student remains in attendance at Khayay, they should appoint a guardian and notify the school as far in advance as possible by completing the form provided by the office. This is required each time they plan a trip away from Yangon.

Because illness, accidents and unforeseen problems can occur any time, the school asks that the duly appointed guardians live directly with the student to provide adequate care and supervision.

Parents who do not arrange for and inform the school of the student’s supervision and guardianship as indicated above, may jeopardize the child’s continued enrollment at The Khayay International School. Please be assured that the school’s concern in this matter is not intended to interfere with the personal responsibilities of parents, but rather is designed to serve the best interests of the children. While a student is attending The Khayay International School, the school must be able to contact parents or guardian directly at any time.