We highly value parent involvement at our school, because we know that school is only the second home. Our Khayay Method encourages a strong home-and-school collaboration, so that both the family and school can nurture each child together. To support this communication, we send out weekly newsletters and nutrition letters, as well as daily communication books written by the teacher at the end of the school day. Parents are expected to sign these everyday to let us know that they are also following their child's education.

When you become a Khayay parent, you will participate in many entertaining school events and be an active member of the Parent-Teacher Association. You will meet families from different backgrounds and cultures, but you will all be part of a close-knit community that encourages the best environment for every child.

A Khayay parent is a proud parent. 

Parent-teacher association

The school has a strong PTA community, and we encourage parents to attend monthly PTA meetings. At the beginning of the year, parents pay an annual PTA fee per child to cover the costs of school events and field trips. The PTA also elects an Executive Committee that meets monthly to discuss school matters and represent the parents' voices. 

If you would like to be part of the Executive Committee, you may let our school PTA coordinators know. 



Parents are welcome to volunteer at our school as a language teacher, or other subject. Since we are a community-based school, parent involvement at the school is warmly welcomed. It's not only limited to teaching though; hosting an after-school activity or starting a gardening club is possible as well!

We also encourage parents to volunteer for field trips and special school events. It is a great way to be a part of their child's learning environment, while meeting new parents and understanding more about our school philosophy as well.