Our mission

The Khayay International School challenges children of different cultural backgrounds with the same passion for learning, to think critically and creatively, both independently and as a team, while preparing them for active and global citizenship and leadership.


We imagine a peaceful world, where people embrace each other's differences and co-exist in a global community. It begins here at Khayay, where every child, every staff and every parent's warmth and love for humanity radiate the halls and classrooms. It doesn't matter what language you speak, which country you come from or what your financial background is. What matters most is the mutual understanding we have for others.


Guided by our educational philosophy, these are the nine values that ground us in the work we do everyday. They are the attitudes, practices and principles we want our learners to embody. Find out more about how we encourage the internalisation of these values, by learning more about our philosophy here.

Our Khayay Values-final.png

1 Critical Thinking

2 Creativity

3 Cultural Empathy

4 Healthy Mind & Body

5 Experiential Learning

6 Growth Mindset and

7 Compassion and Kindness

8 Self-Motivated Learning

9 Leadership