At Khayay, students are challenged in their learning as they experience various styles of learning an became an active actor of the entire process. Since preschool, they investigate and explore their surroundings and materials with the guidance of teachers, all while developing socio-emotional characteristics that help them grow into a confident child. Our primary school curriculum comes as a continuity of our preschool program. We keep on encouraging our students' love of learning and socio-emotional development for a successful academic life. 

Small classes ensure the students' active participation during circle times and projects while it also assures that students become active listeners. The mixed age class encourages students to become self-motivated and independent learners while becoming role models and leaders for the younger students. Teachers manage and facilitate the subtle balance between independent and teamwork learning, and promote an environment of respect, sharing and mutual understanding. 

Celebrating diversity is also a big part of The Khayay International School. Each student is encourage to explore his or her identity and share it with his or her peers. 

Hence, Khayay is also recognized by the Ministry of Education while being an international school and provides classes according to the Myanmar National Curriculum for Myanmar children enrolled at Khayay who wish to remain in the Myanmar schooling system.