Welcome to the Khayay School's Blog!

Dear Khayay community and followers,

The school team is happy to introduce you to the Khayay blog!

We are a diverse, positive and highly-motivated group of educators, passionate about innovating and designing education for the next generation of global citizens. The Khayay school is where we work closely as a team and where each one of us actively contributes in our own way. We try to be as representative and respectful of the diversity around us while we teach. 

However, a child's education is never complete without the warm support and understanding of families. The Khayay community lives thanks to understanding parents and families. So here, we would like to share with you news and snippets of what happens and what we notice at school once you drop off your child. Hopefully, you would also be inspired by the positivity of the children as much as we are! This section will be restricted to currently enrolled students' parents in order to protect privacy.

This blog will also be an open space for our school team to share with you, some reflective writings on education in hopes that you get to know a little more about the Khayay School's philosophy and vision at each entry.

The team will take turns updating and writing from different perspectives that could enrich all of us. The languages we will be writing in, will also vary depending on the writer's preferred language.

So, let your Khayay journey begin!